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Biological safety

Draft Law of Ukraine "On Biological Safety and Biological Protection"; (31 page(s), in Ukrainian)

The draft Law developed with the aim of gradual creation of a unified system of biological safety and biological protection based on the " single health" principle, to fulfill obligations to protect the life and health of people and animals, to prevent the spread of harmful infectious diseases in the country, and to respond in a timely manner to outbreaks of infectious diseases.

The Draft Law defines the legal, organizational, economic and social principles of biological safety and biological protection in Ukraine, in particular:

introduces a new conceptual framework for definitions, inter alia, biological safety; biosynthetic activity; biological hazard; biological protection; biological risk; biological toxin; biological agents; microorganism depository; deposit of microorganism strains; state register of entities engaged in work with biological agents and biosynthetic activities; entity engaged in circulation of biological agents, entity engaged in biosynthetic activities; determines the authorized body in the field of biological safety and biological protection, subjects of legal relations in the field of biological safety and biological protection.

The Draft Law introduces a set of measures aimed at ensuring the protection of people, animals, plants and the environment from hazardous biological factors, detection and minimization of biological threats, assessment and effective management of biological risks.