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  • 03 - Services, Organisation de l'entreprise, Gestion et qualité, Administration, Transport, Sociologie

Leisure. Tourism (ICS code(s): 03.200)

DEAS 1117: 2022, Tourism and related services ― Tourism service excellence ―General requirements, First Edition; (24 page(s), in English)

1.1. This draft East African standard establishes requirements and practices for planning, developing, implementing, maintaining, improving and recognizing service excellence in the sub-sectors and organizations that constitute the tourism value chain.

1.2 These requirements and practices are applicable to any tourism-related business and organizations participating in providing a meaningful and positive experience for all their guests regardless of the type and size of the product and service offered. 1.3 This draft East African standard is intended to guide organizations and to assist them to align their product offering to agreed-upon requirements and practices and to apply them in the tourism value chain