NA Namibie
  • 01 - Généralités, Terminologie, Normalisation, Documentation
  • 13 - Environnement, Protection de la santé, Sécurité
  • 67 - Technologie alimentaire
  • 07 - Légumes, plantes, racines et tubercules alimentaires

EDIBLE VEGETABLES AND CERTAIN ROOTS AND TUBERS (HS code(s): 07); Generalities. Terminology. Standardization. Documentation (ICS code(s): 01); Occupational safety. Industrial hygiene (ICS code(s): 13.100); Food technology (ICS code(s): 67)

DNAMS 0024:2023 - Marketing and commercial quality control of Gem squash; (10 page(s), in English)

This document applies to Gem squash of the varieties (cultivars) grown from the cucurbit family Cucurbita pepo L, having a hard shell and mature seeds commercially produced for fresh consumption. Gem squash for industrial processing being excluded.