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  • 67 - Technologie alimentaire

Food products

Proposed Amendments to the Standards and Specifications for Foods. Language(s): Korean. Number of pages: 326

The proposed amendment seeks to:

1.    Revise the limits for Clostridium perfringens in 'Soy sauces and pastes', 'Salted and fermented seafood products', 'Hot pepper powder or shredded hot pepper' and 'Spice products';

2.    Revise the manufacturing and processing standards for jellies;

3.    Clarify and improve the application of the maximum residual limits of pesticides;

4.    Revise and establish the application principles for the maximum residual limits in livestock and fishery products;

5.    Revise the standards for food preparation in food service businesses;

6.    Revise the sampling and sample handling methods;

7.    Modify the lists of food ingredients by adding, deleting and combining food ingredients as necessary;

8.    Revise and establish the maximum residual limits of pesticides in agricultural products (81 pesticides including Deltamethrin);

9.    Revise the maximum residual limits in livestock and fishery products (ten residual substances including Lindan); 

10.  Revise the General Test Methods.