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  • 91 - Bâtiment et matériaux de construction
  • 23 - Résidus et déchets des industries alimentaires; aliments préparés pour animaux

Pipeline components and pipelines in general (ICS code(s): 23.040.01); Drainage systems (ICS code(s): 91.140.80)

KS 2970-2022 Polypropylene (PP) pipe fittings for soil, waste and vent applications for above-ground use — Specification; (17 page(s), in English)

This Draft Kenya Standard specifies dimensions, sealing method and test methods for polypropylene (PP) pipe fittings of nominal sizes 32mm to 200mm intended for above-ground non-pressure applications for the conveyance of soil (human excrement or faeces) and waste water where continuous temperatures in excess of 60°C are not encountered. This standard is applicable to polypropylene (PP) pipe fittings with an integral socket to be jointed by means of hot glue gun.