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Car seat reminder devices for vehicles from international categories M1, N1, N2 and N3

Draft Ministerial Decree on car seat reminder systems (6 page(s), in Italian)

Law No 117 of 1 October 2018 introduced the obligation for drivers of vehicles from international categories M1, N1, N2 and N3 residing in Italy and transporting with them children under 4 years of age, with the required restraint systems, to use a specific car seat reminder alarm device that prevents minors from being left behind in the vehicle. The same regulation called for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (MIT) to set out the technical build and functional specifications for such devices through the adoption of a specific decree.

Accordingly, the notified draft Decree was drawn up, consisting of ten articles and two annexes, which establishes the technical/functional specifications for such alarms and lays down the procedures for verifying their compliance.

In summary, the first five articles lay down: the definitions used, the scope of application of the Decree and the general characteristics; they state that car seat reminder devices must comply with the technical build and functional specifications set out in Annex A and are subject to verification and certification. The next three articles contain requirements for the manufacturer and for certification of the applicable quality system and provisions for the recognition of accredited verification and certification bodies. Articles 9 and 10 identify the designated authority for market oversight per Regulation (EC) No 765/2008 and the transitional provisions applied for verifying the compliance of the car seat reminder devices pending the specific accreditation of the organizations.

The Decree includes the following annexes:

Annex A: Technical build and functional specifications 

Annex B: Certificate of conformity template (Article 6 of the Regulation)