IL Israël
  • 79 - Technologie du bois
  • 44 - Bois, charbon de bois et ouvrages en bois
  • 94 - Meubles; mobilier médico-chirurgical; articles de literie et similaires; appareils d'éclairage non dénommés ni compris ailleurs; lampes-réclames, enseignes lumineuses, plaques indicatrices lumineuses et articles similaires; constructions préfabriquées

Wood chipboards; (HS: 4410, 940330, 940340, 940350, 940360); (ICS: 79.060.01)

SI 887 part 2 - Wood chipboards: Boards covered with veneer (4 page(s), in Hebrew)

Draft 5th amendment to the Mandatory Standard SI 887 part 2 dealing with wood chipboards covered with veneer. This amendment changes the following:

·         Adds new references to paragraph 102;

·         Adds to paragraph 106 dealing with the marking, requirements for wood chipboards emitting a reduced amount of formaldehyde and refers to the New Annex B (Informative);

·         Replaces paragraph 210 dealing with the emitting amount of formaldehyde.

Both the old standard and the new amended standard will apply from the date of entry into force of this amendment for a period of 6 months. During this time, products may be tested according to the old standard or the new amended standard.