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Legal Metrology- Material Measures for length –Woven metallic and glass fibre tape measures and steel tape measures.

Legal Metrology – Material measures of length (Quality Control) Order, 2023; (2 page(s), in English)

Legal Metrology – Material Measures for length (Quality Control) Order, 2023

·        A measuring tape is a device used to measure length or distance. It consists of a ribbon of cloth, plastic, fibre glass, or metal strip with linear measurement markings. It is a common measuring tool. Its design allows for a measure of great length to be easily carried in pocket or toolkit and permits one to measure around curves or corners. Measuring tapes are available in different lengths and can be made of different materials such as linen, woven metallic, fiber glass and steel etc.


·        The metallic woven tape is an improved version of linen tape. Brass or copper made wires are used as reinforcement for the linen material. Hence, it is more durable than normal linen tape. A brass ring is provided at the end of the tape which is included in the length of the tape.

·        In Glass fiber tapes, fiberglass, which is a material of high strength and flexibility, is used as the base raw material for the tape. These tapes are suitable for taking measurements in all conditions.

·        A steel tape is made of steel or stainless steel. It consists of a steel strip of 6mm to 16mm wide. Meters, decimeters, and centimeters are graduated in the steel strip. Steel tapes are housed in metal case with automatic winding device.