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  • 03 - Services, Organisation de l'entreprise, Gestion et qualité, Administration, Transport, Sociologie
  • 11 - Technologies de la santé
  • 67 - Technologie alimentaire
  • 71 - Génie chimique

Food; beverages; drugs and medicine; cosmetics; chemical products; biological products; genetically engineered products; consumer goods; slaughtering services; processing services; storage services; packaging services; distribution services; sales services; and serving service.

Decree of The Minister of Religious Affairs of Indonesia Number __ of 2021 regarding Types of Products and Consumer Goods Products Mandatory to be Halal Certified (110 page(s), in Indonesian)

This draft decree determines the types of products and consumer goods that must be halal certified, as listed in the Appendix;

The types of products and consumer goods are classified based on certain characteristics of each product and composition of their preparation materials and/or production processes, including products category of:

1.    Food;

2.    Beverages;

3.    Drugs and Medicine;

4.    Cosmetics;

5.    Chemical products;

6.    Biological products;

7.    Genetically engineered products;

8.    Consumer goods;

9.    Slaughtering services;

10.  Processing services;

11.  Storage services;

12.  Packaging services;

13.  Distribution services;

14.  Sales services;

15.  Serving services.

Types of products and consumer goods that are not listed in the Appendix to this Decree or changed in accordance with the provisions of legislation can be submitted for halal certification by business actors. Classification of products that are not listed in this draft decree will be determined by BPJPH upon coordinating with the relevant ministries and Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI);

When this Ministerial Decree comes into force, the Decree of Minister of Religious Affairs Number 464 of 2020 concerning Types of Products Mandatory to be Halal Certified is revoked and no longer valid;

The regulation comes into force after 6 (six) months from the date of stipulation