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  • 49 - Aéronautique et espace
  • 94 - Meubles; mobilier médico-chirurgical; articles de literie et similaires; appareils d'éclairage non dénommés ni compris ailleurs; lampes-réclames, enseignes lumineuses, plaques indicatrices lumineuses et articles similaires; constructions préfabriquées

Portable aviation child restraint device (HS code(s): 94); (ICS code(s): 49.090)

National Standard of the P.R.C., Portable Aviation Child Restraint Device; (35 page(s), in Chinese)

This document specifies the terms, definitions, installation and fixing requirements of portable aviation child safety device on civil transport aircraft, the structure of the restraint system, the performance indexes and test methods of the restraint system assembly and its components, as well as the requirements of instructions for use and labels.

This document applies to the design and production, inspection and testing, product certification, service provision and trade cooperation of portable aviation child safety device that are carried by passengers on civil transport aircraft and fixed on the forward-facing passenger seats only by waist restraints. Note: Portable aviation child restraint device as defined in this document does not include those that require special attachment to the passenger seat, or are supported by an external structure or attachment, or are attached to the passenger seat by special webbing restraint devices; and also does not include child restraint device for special needs, or medical used child restraint device.