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Hedgehogs (subfamily: Erinaceinae)

Proyecto de Resolución que "Fija exigencias sanitarias para el ingreso a Chile de erizos de tierra (subfamilia: Erinaceinae)" (Draft Resolution establishing sanitary requirements for the entry into Chile of hedgehogs (subfamily: Erinaceinae)). Language(s): Spanish. Number of pages: 4

The requirements included in the draft Resolution concern the following:

·        Animal health certificate and the general and animal-specific information that the certificate must contain;

·        The health status of the country or area of origin, in which rabies is a notifiable disease;

·        The health and veterinary medical control status of the commercial or exhibition establishments of origin;

·        The conditions of the animals, such as length of stay in the home or establishment of origin, rabies history and requirements, information and timing for internal and external antiparasitic treatment;

·        Pre-shipment quarantine conditions at least 10 days prior to shipment, with no clinical signs of rabies, infectious or contagious disease, or parasites. A health certificate must also be attached to the official health certificate;

·        Health and welfare conditions of animals at the time of transport;

·        In addition to the requirements established in the notified measure, it is necessary to submit the exotic wildlife authorization resolution issued by the Renewable Natural Resources Division of the SAG and, when applicable, the CITES certification.