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  • 65 - Agriculture

Canned animal products and their derivatives

Fija exigencias sanitarias para la internación a Chile de conservas industriales de carnes y derivados y deroga resolución exenta que indica (Health requirements for the entry into Chile of industrial canned meat products and their derivatives and repeal of the exempt resolution indicated) Language(s): Spanish. Number of pages: 2

The draft standard establishes the following health requirements for the entry into Chile of canned animal products and their derivatives, without prejudice to compliance with the requirements of other competent authorities:

1.     For the purposes of this resolution, "canned product" shall be understood to mean any animal product for human consumption that has been industrially processed, guarantees commercial sterility and is in a hermetically sealed container.

2.     Canned products must come from establishments authorized by the competent health authority of the country of origin and must be covered by an official health certificate issued by that authority that attests to their compliance with health requirements and indicates the country and processing establishment, product identification, quantity, processing date, consignee and number of packages.

3.     Canned products must bear proper labelling that identifies the product, its quantity or net weight, the country of origin and the processing establishment.

4.     These products must be transported from their processing establishment to their destination in Chile in vehicles or compartments that ensure hygiene and health conditions are maintained.

5.     Upon arrival in Chile, canned products may be subject to controls and examinations ordered, when justified, by SAG, the cost of which will be borne by users.

6.    The notified text repeals Exempt Resolution No. 395 of 1993, which establishes health requirements for the entry into Chile of canned meat products and their derivatives.