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  • 30 - Produits pharmaceutiques

Veterinary products (Chapter 30 of the Harmonized System)

Proyecto de Decisión sobre registro y control de productos veterinarios, su Manual Técnico y Anexos, constituidos por las Guías de Inspección de los sistemas de calidad en las empresas de productos veterinarios (Draft Decision on the registration and control of veterinary products and the associated Technical Manual and the Annexes thereto, consisting of guides for the inspection of the quality systems of veterinary product companies) (229 pages, in Spanish)

The notified text concerns the registration and control of veterinary product companies and their technical officers. It addresses the modification, suspension, cancellation and renewal of their registration; companies' obligations; and the registration and control of veterinary products. The text also lays down the basic principles and requirements for the quality management systems of veterinary product companies (good manufacturing practices, good laboratory practices, good storage practices and biosecurity and bioprotection requirements).