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  • T40T - Transport urbain et routier

Vehicles of categories M, N, O, L, T, C, R and S

Draft Government proposal to Parliament on an Act amending the Vehicles Act and certain related acts

The proposal proposes to amend, among other things, the Vehicles Act and the Act on Transport Services. As far as emissions manipulation is concerned, it is proposed to prohibit the sale, use and installation of devices for manipulating the emissions of vehicles. Failure to comply with the prohibition would result in a traffic penalty fee or a penalty fee. In order to promote the automation of road transport, regulation is proposed that would allow testing automated driving systems on public roads without a human driver. In addition, regulation is proposed to allow testing business models for the provision of transport services using automated vehicles, as well as to provide for clearer regulation on light autonomous vehicles for goods transport. In addition, the proposal proposes some amendments to national legislation required by Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/392 on the collection of real-world consumption data. The proposal proposes to amend the Vehicles Act to allow changes to vehicle propulsion (conversions) for all vehicle categories and vehicles of all ages. In addition, the proposal would introduce technical corrections to the regulation on roadworthiness testing.