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Building products, insofar as they are used for the construction of ventilation systems within the meaning of the scope of M-LüAR

Draft - Specimen Guideline on fire protection requirements pertaining to ventilation systems (Specimen Guideline on ventilation systems [Muster-Lüftungsanlagen-Richtlinie - M-LüAR]) version of 29 September 2005, as last amended by the resolution of the Expert Committee on Construction Supervision of 3 September 2020

With regard to the design, dimensioning and execution of ventilation systems, the guideline specifies the fire protection requirements set out in § 41 of the Model Building Regulation (MBO, see Notification No 2016/0228/D in conjunction with 2019/0640/D) e.g. with regard to the required fire characteristics of the building materials used and the necessary fire resistance of ventilation ducts and shut-off devices. In addition, provisions are laid down for the selection and arrangement of building components, for installing equipment for air conditioning and ventilation plants, ventilation systems for special uses, exhaust air ducts from kitchens, and the combined removal of air extracted from kitchens and of flue gases from fireplaces.

For the equivalence clause, reference is made to Section C1 of the published version of MVV TB, Version 2019/1 (see Notification 2019/0306/D).