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5G Base Station intended to be used in Viet Nam (HS code: 8517.61.00). 5G Base Station operate in specific frequency bands and can integrate any or a combination of following functions: + GSM Base Station; + W-CDMA FDD Base Station; + E-UTRA FDD Base Station.

Draft National technical regulation on 5G Base Station (136 page(s), in Vietnamese)

This draft technical regulation specifies technical requirements for 5G base station, operating bands of 5G base stations specified in Table 1 and in accordance with the frequency planning of Viet Nam.

This draft National technical regulation on 5G Base Station is based on ETSI TS 138 104 V15.12.0 (01-2021), ETSI TS 138 141-1 V16.6.0 (01-2021) and ETSI TS 138 141-2 V16.6.0 (01-2021) of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

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