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  • 65 - Landwirtschaft

Almond; Almond hulls; Fruit, pome, group 11-10; Fruit, stone, group 12-12; Grape; Hops, dried cones; Strawberry; Vegetable, cucurbit, group 9; Vegetable, fruiting, group 8-10

Banda de Lupinus Albus Doce (BLAD); Proposal To Revoke Exemption and Establish Pesticide Tolerances. Proposed Rule. Language(s): English. Number of pages: 10

On 29 May 2015, EPA proposed to revoke the current exemption from the requirement of a tolerance for residues of banda de Lupinus albus doce (BLAD) in or on all food commodities and to establish tolerances for residues of BLAD in or on almonds, grapes, strawberries, and tomatoes. Following the receipt of several comments, the Agency is reproposing this action in order to clarify its proposed rulemaking. In addition, since the publication of the initial proposal, the registrant has requested that the Agency establish tolerances for additional commodities.