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  • 13 - Umwelt, Gesundheitsschutz, Sicherheit
  • 27 - Energietechnik, Wärmeübertragungstechnik
  • 71 - Chemische Verfahrenstechnik
  • 97 - private und kommerzielle Hauswirtschaft, Unterhaltung, Sport

Substitute refrigerants; commercial and industrial refrigeration; commercial refrigerating appliances and commercial ice machines; Environmental protection (ICS code(s): 13.020); Refrigerating technology (ICS code(s): 27.200); Production in the chemical industry (ICS code(s): 71.020); Products of the chemical industry (ICS code(s): 71.100); Commercial refrigerating appliances (ICS code(s): 97.130.20); Sports facilities (ICS code(s): 97.220.10)

Protection of Stratospheric Ozone: Listing of Substitutes Under the Significant New Alternatives Policy Program in Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration; (76 page(s), in English)

Notice of proposed rulemaking - Pursuant to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Significant New Alternatives Policy program, this action proposes to list certain substances in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector. Specifically, EPA proposes to list several substitutes as acceptable, subject to use conditions, for retail food refrigeration, commercial ice machines, industrial process refrigeration, cold storage warehouses, and ice skating rinks. Through this action, EPA is proposing to incorporate by reference standards which establish requirements for commercial refrigerating appliances and commercial ice machines, safe use of flammable refrigerants, and safe design, construction, installation, and operation of refrigeration systems. This action also proposes to exempt propane, in the refrigerated food processing and dispensing end-use, from the prohibition under the Clean Air Act (CAA) on knowingly venting, releasing, or disposing of substitute refrigerants, on the basis of current evidence that the venting, release, or disposal of this substance in this end-use does not pose a threat to the environment.