US Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
  • 03 - Dienstleistungen, Betriebswirtschaft, Verwaltung, Qualität, Verkehr, Soziologie
  • 13 - Umwelt, Gesundheitsschutz, Sicherheit
  • 49 - Luftfahrttechnik, Raumfahrttechnik

Aviation system safety assessment; Quality (ICS code(s): 03.120); Domestic safety (ICS code(s): 13.120); Aircraft and space vehicles in general (ICS code(s): 49.020); Aerospace electric equipment and systems (ICS code(s): 49.060); On-board equipment and instruments (ICS code(s): 49.090); Cargo equipment (ICS code(s): 49.120)

System Safety Assessments

This action extends the comment period for the NPRM titled "System Safety Assessments," that was published on 8 December 2022. In that document, the FAA proposed to amend certain airworthiness regulations to standardize the criteria for conducting safety assessments for systems, including flight controls and powerplants, installed on transport category airplanes. With this action, the FAA seeks to reduce risk associated with airplane accidents and incidents that have occurred in service, and reduce risk associated with new technology in flight control systems. The intended effect of this proposed action is to improve aviation safety by making system safety assessment (SSA) certification requirements more comprehensive and consistent. The FAA is extending the comment period closing date to allow commenters additional time to analyze the proposed rule and prepare a response.

DATES: The comment period for the NPRM published on 8 December 2022, at 87 FR 75424 (notified in G/TBT/N/USA/1952), and scheduled to close on 8 March 2023, is extended until 24 April 2023.