US Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
  • 03 - Dienstleistungen, Betriebswirtschaft, Verwaltung, Qualität, Verkehr, Soziologie
  • 13 - Umwelt, Gesundheitsschutz, Sicherheit

Equipment used in high pressure high temperature (HPHT) environments; Quality (ICS code(s): 03.120); Environmental protection (ICS code(s): 13.020); Protection against excessive pressure (ICS code(s): 13.240)

Oil and Gas and Sulfur Operations in the Outer Continental Shelf--High Pressure High Temperature and Subpart B Revisions; (29 page(s), in English)

Proposed rule - The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) is proposing to add requirements for new or unusual technology, including equipment used in high pressure high temperature (HPHT) environments, to revise and reorganize the information submission requirements for a project's Conceptual Plans and Deepwater Operations Plans (DWOP), and to require independent third parties to review certain information prior to submission to BSEE. This proposed rule would improve operational and environmental safety and human health while providing consistency and clarity to industry regarding the equipment and operational requirements necessary for BSEE review and approval of projects using new or unusual technology.