US Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
  • 03 - Dienstleistungen, Betriebswirtschaft, Verwaltung, Qualität, Verkehr, Soziologie
  • 67 - Lebensmitteltechnologie
  • 07 - Gemüse, Pflanzen, Wurzeln und Knollen

Carrots; Carrots and turnips (HS 070610); Quality (ICS 03.120), Fruits. Vegetables (ICS 67.080)

Revision of Three U.S. Grade Standards for Carrots (4 page(s), in English)

Notice - The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) of the Department of Agriculture (USDA) proposes to revise the U.S. Standards for Grades of Topped Carrots, U.S. Standards for Grades of Bunched Carrots, and U.S. Standards for Grades of Carrots with Short Trimmed Tops. AMS is proposing to add more U.S. No. 1 grades to accommodate carrots of colors other than orange, orange red, and orange scarlet. The current U.S. No. 1 grades would remain unchanged. In addition, AMS is proposing to remove the Unclassified section and renumber sections due to the additional grades.