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Uninterruptible power supplies; Quality (ICS code(s): 03.120); Test conditions and procedures in general (ICS code(s): 19.020); Miscellaneous domestic and commercial equipment (ICS code(s): 97.180)

Energy Conservation Program: Test Procedure for Uninterruptible Power Supplies; (16 page(s), in English)

Notice of proposed rulemaking (NOPR) and announcement of public meeting via webinar on Thursday, 2 February 2023 - The U.S. Department of Energy ("DOE") proposes to amend its test procedure for uninterruptible power supplies ("UPSs") to consider the latest revision of the industry standard that is incorporated by reference and to provide an optional test method for measuring power consumption of a UPS at no-load conditions. DOE is seeking comment from interested parties on the proposal. For further details about the revision to the industry standard, refer to section "C. Updates to Industry Standards" in the NOPR. Section "H. Test Procedure Costs and Harmonization" provides information regarding the optional test method.