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LED lamps.

·        Proyecto de Resolución Ministerial para la Incorporación de Lámparas LED al Sistema Nacional de Etiquetado de Eficiencia Energética (Draft Ministerial Resolution for Including LED Lamps in the National Energy Efficiency Labelling System)

·        Procedimiento de certificación y etiquetado de eficiencia energética de lámparas LED (Energy efficiency certification and labelling procedure for LED lamps)

(7 pages, in Spanish), (28 pages, in Spanish)

The notified draft ministerial resolution includes LED lamps in the national energy efficiency labelling system, defining to that end the modalities and deadlines for applying the labelling, by, inter alia, setting the applicable national technical standard, providing the technical definition of those LED lamps covered by and/or excluded from the regulations, and indicating the dates from which energy efficiency labelling will be voluntary and mandatory, respectively. The conformity assessment shall be carried out in accordance with the provision of the document "Energy efficiency certification and labelling procedure for LED lamps", which is an integral part of the Resolution.