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  • 67 - Lebensmitteltechnologie

For details, see Anexo 1 - Nómina de alimentos/bebidas importados que requieren el certificado de comercialización (Annex 1 - List of imported foods/beverages that require a marketing certificate)

Proyecto de Decreto por el cual se modifica el Decreto Nº 338/982 de 22 de setiembre de 1982, por el cual se aplican los controles de evaluación de la conformidad de los alimentos y bebidas importadas, previas a su liberación al mercado interno (Draft decree amending Decree No. 338/982, of 22 September 1982, implementing the conformity assessment controls for imported foods and beverages, prior to the products' release onto the domestic market); (17 pages, in Spanish)

The notified draft decree updates the procedure for obtaining the marketing certificate provided for under Decree No. 338/982, of 22 September 1982, considering current international trade trends and ensuring the safety of and equal marketing conditions for foods in the country. It also updates the mechanisms for applying the imported food and beverage controls falling within the scope of application of Decree No. 338/982, and the amendments and related provisions thereto, in order to create a trade facilitation-compliant system that ensures complementarity and agility among different public and private actors, in response to market dynamics, user needs, and new risk control and management mechanisms. Lastly, the objective scope of application of Decree No. 338/982, of 22 September 1980, is amended, incorporating new products in accordance with the criteria and objectives originally envisaged by the Decree.