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Hops and hop products

The draft Law of Ukraine "On Hops and Hop Products"; (13 page(s), in Ukrainian)

The Law defines the legal and organisational framework for the operation of the hop and hop products market, requirements for their production, processing, labelling and certification, as well as the state authorities' competences, rights and obligations of business entities in the hop industry, state policy directions in this branch and state control.

In particular, the draft Law provides for regulation of the hop industry, which will ensure:

bringing the terminology for hops and hop products in line with the EU legislation;

development of regulations necessary for determining the certification rules of hops and hop products and their quality indicators;

development of regulations necessary for the implementation of hop labelling rules, setting requirements for information to be contained on the packaging of hop products;

setting out obligations to provide a conformity assessment and declaration of equivalence as a document certifying the compliance of hops and hop products imported from third countries with the requirements of the European Union;

establishing principles for conducting inspections of production from the hop stem to the finished product, defining the control institutions and their authority, specifying the sanctions imposed for violations of the law.

The draft Law is also notified under the SPS Agreement.