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Grapes and viticulture products, grape wine

The draft Law of Ukraine "On Grapes and Viticulture Products". Language(s): Ukrainian. Number of pages: 81

The draft Law provides for:

-        to bring the terms and definitions, classification of grape varieties and requirements for the production of viticulture and winemaking products, flavoured wine products, as well as some oenological practices and restrictions in line with requirements adopted in the EU countries;

-        to introduce requirements for the production and circulation of wines, viticulture and winemaking products, flavoured wine products with geographical indications similar to the current rules in the European Union;

-        to define the mechanism of protection of geographical indications in Ukraine;

-        to introduce new terms and definitions in accordance with the categories of European legislation;

-        to establish a unified state information system "Viticulture and Winemaking Register";

-        to provide for the possibility of state support for viticulture and winemaking;

-        to implement rules of labelling and presentation of wine products;

-        to establish principles for inspections of the production of wine products from the vineyard to the final product, to determine the controlling institutions and their powers, to specify sanctions for violation of the requirements established by law.

This draft Law is also notified in accordance with the provisions of the TBT Agreement.