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Food products, feeds

Draft Law of Ukraine "On amendments to certain Laws of Ukraine concerning foodstuffs and other objects of sanitary measures". Language(s): Ukrainian. Number of pages: 34

The Draft Law establishes preconditions for reducing the risks associated with the production and circulation of foodstuffs of improper quality and those that may endanger consumers' life and health.

The Draft Law amends, inter alia, the following Laws of Ukraine "On basic principles and requirements for safety and quality of food products"; "On state control to check compliance with the legislation on food, feed, animal by-products, animal health and welfare"; "On basic principles and requirements for organic production, circulation and labelling of organic products"; "On consumer rights protection", "On consumer information on foodstuffs" etc. For market operators the draft Law establishes additional requirements to ensure food traceability; requirements for state registration of food additives, food enzymes and flavours, newest food products, health benefits claims; simplification of conditions for obtaining, replacement of operating permits, which are issued by territorial authorities of the competent authority for each individual capacity prior to its operation; requirements for state registration/operating permit for market operators importing food products into the customs territory of Ukraine.