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  • 83 - Gummiindustrie, Kunststoffindustrie

Rubber and articles thereof (HS 40). Rubber (ICS 83.060).

DUS 2060:2018 Standard Test Method for Rubber Property-Effect of Liquids, First Edition. (29 page(s), in English)

This Draft Uganda Standard covers test method for the required procedures to evaluate the comparative ability of rubber and rubber-like compositions to withstand the effect of liquids. It is designed for testing: (1) specimens of vulcanized rubber cut from standard sheets (see Practice D3182), (2) specimens cut from fabric coated with vulcanized rubber (see Test Methods D751), or (3) finished articles of commerce (see Practice D3183). This test method is not applicable to the testing of cellular rubbers, porous compositions, and compressed sheet packing, except as described in 12.2.2.

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