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Screws; bolts and nuts (HS 741533). (ICS: 21.060.20).

Communiqué on TS 1026-91 "Fasteners - Hexagon Nuts - Section: 91 - Weld Nuts With Metric Coarse And Fine Pitch Threads Coarse - Product Grades A" (2 page(s), in English)

This standard covers hexagon nuts whose product quality is A, used in welded nuts from M3 to M16 in nominal sizes with metric coarse threads and from M8 to M16 in nominal sizes with metric fine pitch threads in description, classification and specifications, sampling, inspection and testing, and based on market supply.

Nuts welded and used in accordance with this standard are suitable for connection with bolts with strength class less than 8.8 according to TS EN ISO 898-1. This standard does not cover flanged hexogonal nuts which are welded to the parts specified in TS EN ISO 21670.