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Electric Unicycle

Draft Notification of the Committee on Labels, entitled The electric unicycle is a label-controlled product; (3 page(s), in Thai), (5 page(s), in English)

The draft notification prescribes the electric unicycle as label-controlled products. This draft notification applies to an electric unicycle, a set of devices for making the body move by the user or the driver must maintain balance and control the speed to move forward and backward or twist to go sideways. The main component is only one spinning wheel and consumes the energy from electrical energy accumulators such as batteries and capacitors. In this regard, it shall include the unicycle electric bike or any other vehicle with an electric single wheel as a component.

The label of this label-controlled product shall indicate the text, pictures, artificial designs or image as appropriate, and shall not cause misunderstanding about the essence of the product. The label also shall be in Thai language or a foreign language with Thai for explanation. The label of this label-controlled product does not apply to the label of products manufactured for export and not for sale in Thailand.