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Air purifier

Draft Notification of the Committee on Labels, entitled Air purifiers are label-controlled products B.E. …; (3 page(s), in Thai), (4 page(s), in English)

The draft notification prescribes air purifier as label-controlled goods. This draft notification applies to air purifier, a product that works by means of drawing air into the machine and using air filters, chemicals, ions or other techniques as a medium for air purification with the purpose of filtering or purifying the air or disposing of airborne contaminants. This draft notification excludes the medical air purifiers according to the law on medical devices and air purifiers intended for industrial use.

This label of label-controlled product shall indicate the text, figure, invention or image as appropriate, and shall not cause misunderstanding about the essence of the product. The label also shall be in Thai language or foreign language with Thai for explanation. This label of label-controlled product does not apply to the label of products manufactured for export and not for sale in Thailand.