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Electrolytic zinc-coated flat steel (ICS 77.140.50)

Draft Ministerial Regulation on Electrolytic zinc-coated flat steel (TIS 2223-25xx (20xx)); (53 page(s), in Thai)

The draft ministerial regulation mandates electrolytic zinc-coated flat steel to conform with the standard for Electrolytic zinc-coated flat steel (TIS 2223-25xx (20xx)).

This standard specifies technical specifications, characteristics, marking and labelling, sampling, and testing requirements for Electrolytic single-sided or two-sided zinc-coated hot-rolled and cold-rolled flat steel, generally used for electrical appliances, automotive parts etc., and coated by substances mainly composed of zinc to improve rust protection properties. This standard does not cover electrolytic zinc-ferrous alloy layer-coated or electroplated flat steel.