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Hydrogen-filled balloon, ricepacked bag, gold jewelry, cutting gems and cutting gems accessories, borax, plastic products, gas warm water devices and gas hot water heaters, toothbrush, roller play, multi oil, plate ware and melamine ware, mattress, motorcycle, water cooler, stroller, monk gift baskets and offering set, used car, playground equipment, asbestos-containing products, water dispenser coin operated machine, airsoft gun, containers and stainless steel food storage, colors compounds lead, hand mosquito killer racket electric, baby bath tub, fireworks, tablet covered accessories (case) and tablet computer containing liquid chemical

Draft Announcement of the Committee on Labels on: Criteria, Methods, Conditions or Terms about the Labeling Controlled Product and Prescribes Definition are Subject to a Controlled Label B.E. … (28 page(s), in English)

The Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB) has proposed a draft announcement of the Committee on Labels on: criteria, methods, conditions or terms about the labeling controlled product and prescribes definition are subject to a controlled label B.E. .... This announcement covers 27 label-controlled products and prescribes the labeling requirements as follows:

·         Labels must specify in messages, picture, design or photo under the suitability, as the case may be; but messages that must clearly and must not cause the consumers to misunderstand the essential elements concerning goods and must displayed in Thai language or Thai language and foreign language attached for descript to understand the meaning of picture, design or photo must be clearly visible and reading.

·         Labels must specify in statement, as follows;

1.      Category name or types of the goods in order that the consumers shall correctly understand which indicate what the goods are; in the case of product pre-order or imported for sale at The Kingdom of Thailand, the name of the manufacturing country shall be specified.

2.      The name or trade mark of the manufacturing for sale has register in Thailand or the Orderer or the Importer for sale at The Kingdom of Thailand, as the case may be.

3.      The place of manufacturing for sale or the Orderer or the Importer for sale at The Kingdom of Thailand, as the case may be.

4.      Size or dimension or quantity or volume or weight of goods are important material concerning such goods, as the case may be; for benefit to decide and necessary to use the consumer. Provided that, must specify unit of weight and measures with international standards; full name, short name or symbol and specify more than one.

5.      Usage; in order that the consumers shall correctly understand which indicate what the goods use.

6.      Recommendation to use in order that the consumers shall use correctly.

7.      Caution must specify in case the goods may be injury only for safety of the consumer.

8.      Date, month and year of manufacturing; unless it is order or import in The Kingdom of Thailand but can't specify date of manufacturing shall specify only week of manufacturing and year or month of manufacturing also.

9.      Date, month and year of expire or date, month and year to use before shall specify only in case the goods can be expire to inform the costumer when the product has expired.

10.   Price must specify the currency in Thai Baht and may be specify in other currency also.

·         The pattern of label shall be of the following descriptions:

1.      A statement on label must be clearly visible and legible.

2.      The letters on labels, size of letters must be related with the label size and a size of letters must not be smaller than 2millimeters, unless an area label is less than 35 square centimeters and also a size of letters must not be smaller than 1.5 millimeters.

Article 8 of this announcement states the criteria, methods, conditions added of each label-controlled product, for example; baby bath tub which shall specify the following text on label;

-        "Warning" shall be specifying "Dangerous, Not leave your child unattended while bathing, Drowning can occur in low water level" and showed symbol with warning message.

-        The texts "warning" shall be use letters larger size than other statement and different color the product be displayed permanently.

-         Detailed symbol in rectangle forms; width 3 inch X length 4 inch and the message "warning" in the square shall be use the bold and larger size than other statement, color of frame and texts must contrasts with the background label be displayed permanently