SV El Salvador
  • 01 - Lebende Tiere
  • 02 - Fleisch und geniessbare Schlachtnebenprodukte
  • 05 - Andere Waren tierischen Ursprungs

SAC Codes 160.00.10 (bovine meat), 1601.00.20 (poultry), 1601.00.30 (pork), 1601.00.80 (other meats) and 1601.00.90 (mixture of meats)

NSO 67.02.13:97: Meat and meat products, raw and cooked sausages

The purpose of the present Addendum is to notify WTO Members that the scope and content of this NSO have been updated and that the text is now a Salvadoran Technical Regulation. In light of the above, there will be a period of 60 days for the submission of comments and observations as from the date of notification.

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