RW Ruanda
  • 27 - Mineralische Brennstoffe, Mineralöle und Erzeugnisse ihrer Destillation; bituminöse Stoffe; Mineralwachse

(HS code(s): 2713)

DRS 395-1: 2023, Bitumen and bituminous binders — Part 1: Terminology; (17 page(s), in English)

This Draft Rwanda Standard defines terms for paving or industrial bitumen of various types and binders derived from bitumen. It does not extend to non-petroleum "hydrocarbon" binders such as coal tar and its derivatives or to natural asphalts. However, some definitions are given for some excluded materials and related terms. The corresponding terms were introduced only when they appeared in a definition of a product or process and when their definition was found necessary for understanding or for avoiding any ambiguity. NOTE The types covered by this Standard are shown in Annex A. The figure also shows a clear distinction between materials inside and outside the scope of this standard. paragraph.