PH Philippinen
  • 71 - Chemische Verfahrenstechnik
  • 33 - Etherische Öle und Resinoide; zubereitete Riechstoffe, Körperpflege- und Schönheitsmittel

Cosmetics; Beauty or make-up preparations and preparations for the care of the skin, incl. sunscreen or suntan preparations (excl. medicaments); manicure or pedicure preparations (HS 3304); Cosmetics. Toiletries (ICS 71.100.70)

Updates and Amendments of the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive (ACD) as Adopted during the 33rd ASEAN Cosmetic Committee (ACC) Meeting and Its Related Meetings

The purpose of this regulation is to provide timely and relevant information on the amendment of ACD Annexes in terms of restrictions and banning of ingredients, setting of implementation timeline or grace period, with the intention of giving the industry sufficient time to conduct operational activities (i.e. reformulation, testing of new formulations, phase out of products with old formulation, etc.) to ensure continued compliance with the ACD in terms of the safety, quality and claimed benefits of cosmetic products which covers cosmetic products made available in the local market.

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