PA Panama
  • 67 - Lebensmitteltechnologie


Proyecto de Reglamento Técnico DGNTI-COPANIT 65-2019, Primera Actualización, Tecnología de los Alimentos. Frutas, Hortalizas y Productos Derivados en General. Papas. Requisitos de Calidad (Draft Technical Regulation No. 65-2019 of the Directorate-General for Standards and Industrial Technology - Panamanian Commission for Industrial and Technical Standards (DGNTI-COPANIT), First revision, Food technology. Fruits, vegetables and derived products in general. Potatoes. Quality requirements) (19 pages, in Spanish)

The purpose of the notified Technical Regulation is to set forth definitions, classes, characteristics and quality requirements for the importation, marketing and distribution of fresh potatoes (Solanum sp.). Purpose; scope; legal framework; definitions; symbols and abbreviations; classification; quality provisions; requirements; sampling; test methods; cooking test; hygiene; storage; recommendations for transport; packaging and presentation; labelling; marketing; conformity assessment procedures; samples and analysis; monitoring and control; penalties and references.