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The changes in the Bill apply to products identified as either a "building product" or "building method". "Building product" means a product that could reasonably be expected to be used as a component of a building. "Building method" means a method for using 1 or more products or things as part of building work

Building (Building Products and Methods, Modular Components, and Other Matters) Amendment Bill (84 page(s), in English)

For building product information requirements, the Bill will require a minimum set of information for building products to support better and more efficient decision-making, and clarify responsibilities so that suppliers (including manufacturers, importers, distributors and  retailers), designers and builders can be held accountable for any breaches of their responsibilities in relation to building products and methods and their use. Building product information requirements will be placed onto New Zealand suppliers, regardless of the product's origin. These product information requirements relate to the following. Further information can be found at

·         Product description

·         Details of a supplier

·         Performance, scope and limitations of use

·         Design and installation requirements

·         Maintenance requirements

·         Declaration if a product is subject to a warning of ban

For a strengthened product certification scheme (CodeMark), the Bill will clarify the expectations of Product Certification Bodies (PCBs) and certificate holders by introducing scheme rules and registration requirements for PCBs and product certificates. These requirements apply to domestic and international scheme parties, and the scheme will continue to be consistent with the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) framework. Manufacturers of a certificated product or those seeking certification can expect PCBs to have more consistent standards for product certificates, due to clearer expectations in scheme rules

Under the new provisions, a PCB must be registered before it may issue product certificates. New provisions will also require the product certificates to be registered. Registration of product certificates can be suspended or revoked if certificate holders or the responsible PCB fail to comply with scheme rules, and it will be an offence to misrepresent a product certificate or status as a registered PCB. The regulations and rules are expected to have updated requirements on:

·         the form and content of product certificates

·         policies, procedures and systems for performing the functions of a registered PCB

·         fit and proper person requirements for key personnel

·         maintaining and making available written records

For more information on the changes proposed to the building certification scheme requirements see:

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