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The animal feed; 120921000-120929600; 1214-121490100

The draft Government Decision for the approval of the sanitary-veterinary requirements for the animal feed. Language(s): Romanian Number of pages:

This draft regulation aims to ensure animal health and welfare, human health and guarantees the right to safe food, by making feed operators responsible. The draft government decision on the approval of the veterinary sanitary requirements for animal feed regulates the following aspects:

-         Feed safety requirements;

-         Requirements for feed intended for special nutritional purposes;

-         Labelling, presentation and packaging of animal feed;

-         Hygiene requirements for animal feed;

-         Requirements for the import and export of animal feed;

-         Establishing good practices in animal feeding;

-         Requirements for feed businesses;

-         Recommending a list of feed materials;

-         Establishing the responsibilities of feed business operators.

The project also contains provisions that will ensure the safety of animal feed in terms of chemical impurities resulting from the manufacturing process, undesirable and toxic substances in animal feed.