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Carob seedlings

Projet d'arrêté du ministre de l'agriculture, de la pêche maritime, du développement rural et des eaux et forêts portant homologation du règlement technique relatif à la production, au contrôle, au conditionnement et à la certification des plants de caroubier (Draft Order of the Minister for Agriculture, Marine Fisheries, Rural Development, Water Resources and Forestry approving the technical regulation for the production, control, packaging and certification of carob seedlings). Language(s): French Number of pages: 12

Dahir No. 1-69-169 of 25 July 1969 regulating the production and marketing of seeds and seedlings, as amended and supplemented by the Dahir promulgating Law No. 1-76-472 of 19 September 1977, and in particular Articles 1, 2 and 5 thereof, provides that technical regulations defining the conditions of production, control, packaging and certification of seeds and seedlings shall be approved by an order of the Minister in charge of agriculture.

To meet the objectives of the new "Generation Green" agricultural strategy that attaches great importance to carob tree cultivation through the expansion of areas over thousands of hectares, and to meet the needs of growers of authentic, disease-free carob seedlings, the National Office for Food Safety has developed a draft technical regulation that specifies the methods of production, control, packaging and certification of carob seedlings.