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  • 71 - Chemische Verfahrenstechnik

ICS: 71.100.70

Update of GCC draft regulation for (Cosmetic Products – Safety Requirements of Cosmetics and Personal Care Products)

Content or scope of notified measure changed and text available from1:

- Saudi's Deviation of item No. 2.23 where list of prohibited and restricted cosmetic ingredients, colorants, preservatives and UV filters published on the SFDA website (

- Deletion of the pH requirement of cosmetic product (which was in the range (4-8) with exceptions).

- Addition of numbers of references: ISO 16217 and ISO 18861.

- Addition the definitions of Salt and Esters.

- Modification on translation to make sure the Arabic version and English version are identical.

- Correction the ISO standards' title mentioned in Normative References.

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