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Cleansing and Hygiene Products

Proposed amendments to the 'Labelling Standards for Cleansing & Hygiene Products' (24 page(s), in Korean)

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) of the Republic of Korea has amended the 'Labelling Standards for Cleansing & Hygiene Products' as stated below:

  1. Stickers, labels, or tags may be used in the labelling of minor information irrelevant to the safety of the products, except for the date of manufacture and the expiration date, which are approved by the competent authority.

  2. The net quantity of contents statement may be expressed in weight, length, numeric count, etc.

  3. Maximum Allowable Variations will be expanded for toilet paper and tissue packages labelled by length.

  4. If it is difficult to indicate the manufacture date or the expiration date on the main display surface or information display surface, the location of the manufacture date or the expiration date shall be specified.

  5. If cleansing and hygiene Products use fragrances containing the raw materials that the Minister of Food and Drug Safety identifies and publicly notifies as allergens, the name of such raw materials shall appear on the product label.

  6. When importing products without any indication of the manufacture date from countries where the labelling of manufacture date is not mandatory, the importer shall indicate the manufacture date in Korean based on the evidence data on the manufacture date received from the manufacturing company of the exporting country.