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Proposed Amendments to the Regulation on the Inspection for Imported Food Products, etc.. Language(s): Korean. Number of pages: 21

The main proposed amendment seeks to:

A.    Improve the inspection procedures, etc., for the agricultural products that are imported in bulk shipments;

B.    Establish the application process for the expedited approval of the notification on the raw materials that are used for self-manufacturing purposes (food additive flavoring, raw materials for refining/processing);

C.    Stipulate the processing procedure for cases where re-declaration for importation is notified after voluntary withdrawal (or return by the MFDS) for random sampling test;

D.    Revise the name and adjust the items for the agricultural products that may be used for purposes other than as food products;

E.    Adjust the number of pesticides that are test items for the laboratory inspections conducted on the newly imported agricultural products by reflecting the non-compliance records, etc.;

F.     Adjust the list of food products, etc., that the Minister of Food and Drug Safety recognizes as safe by reflecting the non-compliance records.