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  • 67 - Lebensmitteltechnologie

Food products

Proposed Amendments to the Standards and Specifications for Foods. Language(s): Korean. Number of pages: 169

The proposed amendments seek to:

1.    Revise the manufacturing and processing standards of lunch boxes (dosirak);

2.    Revise the storage and distribution standards of dried processed soybean curd;

3.    Clarify the names and scientific names of puffer fish in specifications of fishery products;

4.    Revise the "Ingredients approved for limited use in food" and "Ingredients approved for limited use in food" lists and the definition of "Ingredients prohibited for use in food";

5.    Establish and revise the maximum residual limits of residues in livestock and fishery products;

6.    Revise the general test methods for microorganisms, Vitamin B1, etc.;

7.    Revise the standards to reflect the changes in other Laws and Regulations; 

8.    Revise the supplementary provision of MFDS Notification No. 2018-98.

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