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Natural casing derived from cloven-hoofed animals

Proposed Amendments to the Import Health Requirements for Natural Casing derived from Cloven-Hoofed Animals

The proposed amendment seeks to:

1.    Revise requirements for Salted natural casing derived from cloven-hoofed animals as following, in accordance with the OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code article 15.1.23 and article 8.8.38. In case that salted natural casings derived from pigs are originated from countries(regions) that are not allowed to export pork meat to the Republic of Korea, the natural casings must be salted for at least 30 days with dry salt, saturated brine(Aw<0.80), or phosphate supplemented only dry salt containing 86.5 percent NaCl, 10.7 percent Na2HPO4 and 2.8 percent Na3PO4 and must be kept at a temperature of greater than 12°C during this entire period.