KE Kenia
  • 67 - Lebensmitteltechnologie

Milk and milk products (ICS 67.100)

The Breast Milk substitutes (Regulation and Control) (General) Regulations, 2020 (38 page(s), in English)

The Objects of this regulations is to guide persons who use, manufacture, sell and market breast milk substitutes and to ensure that all persons understand that breast milk substitutes undermines breastfeeding and suboptimal breastfeeding is a leading but preventable cause of death and serious illness in infants and young children.

This regulation also provides for production, preparation and packaging of designated products and pre-packaged complementary foods and shall be in accordance with the;

(a)  provisions of the Act, the Food, Drugs and Chemical Substances Act, the Public Health Act and the Kenya Standard KS EAS 39 and any other written Laws and;

(b) the Kenya Standards for Infant formula (KSEAS 4), follow-up formula KS CODEX STAN 156, formulated pre-packaged complementary food for older infants and young children (KS 2515) and processed cereal based foods for infants and young children (KS EAS 72).