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  • 67 - Lebensmitteltechnologie

Drinking equipment for children

SI 14350 - Child care articles – Drinking equipment – Safety requirements and test methods; (82 page(s), in English), (7 page(s), in Hebrew)

Revision of the Mandatory Standards SI 5817 parts 1 and 2, dealing with drinking equipment for children, to be replaced with SI 14350. This draft standard revision adopts the European Standard EN 14350: June 2020, with a few changes as detailed in the standard's Hebrew section. The major differences between the old version and this new revised draft standard are as follow:

·         Combines the two old standards' parts into one new standard;

·         Applies to drinking equipment for children under the age of 4, while its previous editions applied to drinking equipment for children under the age of 3;

·         Adds new definitions and mechanical and chemical tests.

Both the old standards and this new revised standard will apply from entry into force of this revision for six months. During this time, products may be tested according to the old or the new revised standard.