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  • 67 - Lebensmitteltechnologie
  • 20 - Zubereitungen von Gemüse, Früchten oder anderen Pflanzenteilen

Jams, jellies and marmalades; (HS: 2007). (ICS: 67.080.10).

SI 7296 - Jams, marmalades, fruit jellies, preservatives and povidle (17 page(s), in Hebrew)

Revision of the Mandatory Standard SI 34, dealing with jams, marmalades, fruit jellies, preservatives and povidle, to be replaced with SI 7296. This draft standard revision adopts the Codex Alimentarius Standard 296-2009 for jams, jellies and marmalades, with a few changes that appear in the standard's Hebrew section.  The major differences between the old version and this new revised draft standard are as follow:

·         Reduces the required fruit content for povidle with added sugar (paragraph 3);

·         Adds a reference to Israel's Public Health Regulations (Food) (Food Additives) 2001 (paragraph 4);

·         Adds a new paragraph dealing with contaminants (paragraph 5);

·         Adds a new paragraph dealing with hygiene and adds new microbiological requirements and test methods (paragraph 6);

·         Defines the labelling methods for fruit content and for concentrated fruit juices in an extra-confiture 100% fruit (paragraph 8);

·         Changes the test methods (paragraph 9). According the Law for Determining the Entry into Force of Marking Requirements for Pre-Packaged Food (2014), these new marking requirements will enter into force 2 years after the end of the calendar year of the publication in Israel Official Gazette. During this time pre-packaged food can be marked either according to the old or the new marking requirements.