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  • 67 - Lebensmitteltechnologie

Food labelling (ICS: 67.040).

SI 1145 - Labelling of pre-packaged food (6 page(s), in Hebrew)

9th amendment to the Mandatory Standard SI 1145. This amendment changes the following:

·         Updates the references appears in paragraph 1a;

·         Adds a new definition of 'Field of view' (paragraph 2.21) and requires that all Hebrew markings of the food's name and content will be marked within one field of view (paragraph 3.13);

·         Replaces paragraph 8.3, published under Amendment no. 6, and apply the new normative Annex D, dealing with ingredients' quantity marking;

·         Adds a new normative Annex D, dealing with ingredients' quantity marking and changes accordingly, the old Annex D to be Annex E. According the Law determining the entry into force of marking requirements for pre‑packaged food, these new marking requirements will enter into force 2 years after the end of the calendar year of the publication in Israel Official Gazette. During this time pre-packaged food can be marked either according to the old or the new marking requirements.