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Wood Based Boards - Block boards, Prelaminated particle boards from wood and other Lignocellulosic material, Particle boards of wood and other lignocellulosic materials (medium density) for general purposes, medium density fibre boards for general purpose, Veneered particle boards

Wood Based Boards (Quality Control) Order, 2023; (2 page(s), in English)

Wood Based Boards (Quality Control) Order, 2023

·        Wood Based Boards are used in furniture production and interior fittings.

·        Wood Based Boards are composite board of particles of wood and/or other lignocellulosic materials bonded together with a resin-bonding agent. The grain of the particles is, therefore, non-directional as compared with natural wood which has only one grain direction. They shall be stored in packs on a level flat surface in a clean, dry and covered place with free circulation of air. The boards shall be protected from rain, dampness and insect and fungal attack.